Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Stealing of Our American Indian Children

AMERICAN INDIAN ADOPTEES: The Stealing of Our American Indian Children:
By: Donna Ennis (December 22, 2012) Posted with permission

Worth the time to read this past commentary...Trace


  1. Let's hope that 2014 will see Baby Desirai and all of the other children of unethical adoptions returned to their natural fathers where they belong.

    Happy New Year, Trace/Lara!

    1. We will work on this Robin, we will not stop...Happy 2014 to you


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“Do our people belong in the corporate world?” The elder paused and then began teaching. He told the story of an old prophecy about the "blue-eyed" ones – those of our people that were of mixed blood that would build bridges. He told how they will have the gift to walk with a foot in both worlds. When they are in the non-native world, they will be able to learn those ways but their spirits will always be Anishinabe. They will teach non-native people how to understand and respect our way of life. When they are in our communities, their spirits will be home but they will be able to teach us how to work in the non-native ways and prosper in a system that has oppressed our people for so long." - by Karen Bird, Ojibwe, 2008

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For almost an entire century, Adopted Adults have been denied access to their medical history, their culture, their genealogy and ancestry and the answer to the age-old question - "Who Am I" -- this not only affects them, but it also affects their children and their children's children.

That's why I signed a petition to President Barack Obama, which says:

"For the President to enact an Executive Order which would restore the Original Birth Certificate to every ADULT ADOPTEE in America in one fell swoop because it is a civil and constitutional right! "

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